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Footy’s – a yummy sugar free cool drink

I am a mom who tries, and let me emphasize the word tries, to minimize the amount of sugar my son eats/drinks in a day. My son is an extremely fussy eater and just wants sweeties and bread all day long, and does not like drinking plain water. So I am glad that I got introduced to Footy’s, a yummy sugar free cool drink.

Why am I glad? Well let me quickly tell you…

  • It is diabetic friendly
  • Suitable for kids with Add/Adhd
  • Not harmful for teeth
  • Weight loss friendly
  • Sugar free
  • Banting and Keto friendly
  • Zero preservatives
  • No artificial ingredients
  • It is suitable for ALL ages
  • And it’s packed with Vitamin C!

I have also done a taste test with my fussy 2-year old, which I will be sharing on my YouTube channel soon, head over and turn on the notifications to not miss it. You can also head on over to Footy’s website to read more about the benefits this really delicious drink has to offer.

If you would like to try it for yourself or kids, you do not have to wait for lock-down to end, they are having a really great online special at the moment with FREE delivery! Go like their Facebook page to be sure not to miss out on these awesome deals!!

I am really glad I finally found something that my son likes to drink that is actually really healthy and good for him!! #momwin

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  1. Anything free of sugar and artificial ingredients gets my vote

  2. These do look pretty great! I am not one for sweet type drink like this but have friends who have kids who will love this! Thank you for sharing this. Its so great to see new “healthier” products being made for kids.

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