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Is tracking calories healthy?

Just want to talk ‘diet’ and no not as in dieting… Just what my foods look like at the moment…

In all honesty I have not been really thinking about what I eat… I have not been tracking my calories… And yet I’m eating all the food.

I’ve come to the point where I felt like food was taking over me… Tracking calories was an obsession that eventually became a chore which I no longer wanted to do. I’ve decided to finally let go of the idea (I now know which foods are high calorie and I will, from time to time point this out for clarification on which is the better food choice, as yes if weight loss is the goal, a calorie deficit is the only way to achieve it…but I will not be tracking every little calorie I personally eat in a day)

And no I’m not saying I’m throwing my weight-loss goals out the door… I’m still conscious of what I eat… If I eat a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate I know what the consequences are.

So how am I going to make sure I stay healthy and not put on any weight (or to lose weight):

  • eat only when I’m hungry (no mindless snacking). This I do find difficult, especially during this lockdown, but I find myself making a cup of coffee/tea before I open the fridge/ snack cupboard.
  • Drink more water. By filling myself with water I feel full all the time, sometimes even bloated which makes me not want to eat.
  • Eat until I am satisfied. Something else which is really difficult to do especially if something is really tasty. However, with the new concept of not restricting my foods , I could have something tasty everyday if I would like. Just remember to keep the higher calorie foods in moderation.
  • Move my body in one way or another. I don’t exercise daily because sometimes I don’t find the time… other times I am just plain lazy. But when you cant exercise play with your child, stand instead of sit where you can and heck, even household chores burns the calories… Just keep moving.

These are just a few points that I’ve started doing… I still have a love/hate relationship with food, but its getting better on the daily.

If you are against tracking calories, tell me in the comments what you do to ensure you don’t put on weight (or to lose weight)?

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