Our Wedding!

Okay… In the end we had to postpone our wedding

Well, yeah this escalated much quicker than anticipated… So in the end we had to postpone our wedding.

Yes, okay, I mentioned in my previous post that we were not cancelling or postponing our wedding, you can read all about it here – the reasons are there in the post. This virus started spreading at a rapid rate and I was getting scared and more paranoid as the numbers started increasing.

I posted on the 20th of March that everything was still going ahead, I was paranoid but had thought about the situation, our wedding was small with close family and friends so nothing to worry about… We had our bachelors the 21st of March and still most things were fine. Then we heard the President was to address the nation… again.

The 22nd of March came and went with no word from our President… The 23rd of March (now Monday morning) I went to work and I was somewhat okay… And just out of the blue everything hit me and I broke down completely! I was in a state! The President hadn’t even yet addressed us but deep down I knew this wedding was not going to happen as planned.

Steven left his work place to fetch me from work and comfort me during this difficult time… We waited all day for the President, but still nothing. We spoke about our options… get married with 2 witnesses and just go get photos taken, get married on paper (our Minister had everything ready) and just hold a reception later in the year… However these options just didn’t fit right with us so eventually around late afternoon (17:00), still no idea what the President was going to tell us, we decided it was best to postpone our whole wedding for at least 6 months.

We want to remember our day as a happy one, spent and enjoyed with everyone we wish we could spend it with… Not a rushed, last minute paper signing, so we (I) came to terms with it in the end. We will have our amazing day and it will be even more special! We will remain wife and husband-to-be for just a little while longer. And so the wedding countdown clock has been reset to +/- 6 months…

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