Our Wedding!

What is happening with our wedding, which is a week away!?!

Honestly, I’ve contemplated too long on writing this post in fear of being judged or wondering if I’m making the right decision. I was doing a wedding countdown on Instagram and stopped dead in my tracks after Sunday. I didn’t know what to do, I was panicking, and my anxiety was through the roof. Well with much thought, as well as speaking to everyone who is involved, this is mine and Steven’s decision.

We all know what’s happening around the world at this moment… the big Corona-virus epidemic. South Africa’s numbers started increasing and it was declared a national disaster on Sunday 15th March 2020, when our President addressed the nation. It is now Friday 20th March 2020 (a mere 5 days later) and already more rules have been implemented such as bars, restaurants and the like that cannot occupy more than 50 people or sell alcohol past 6pm.

We are however, not cancelling our wedding! Why not, you may ask? Oh! that’s selfish of you, you may say. Well our wedding is the 28th March 2020, next week Saturday! And we have been planning it for over a year now! (yes Susan, I know some people have already cancelled their weddings that was supposed to happen this weekend!) But, our wedding consists of 36 people, which includes myself and Steven. The total amount of people don’t come close to the maximum 50 (extra services included)!

We decided to keep our wedding small right from the beginning and to focus more on the finer details of our day. Our wedding consists of close family (not even cousins #sorrynotsorry) and very close friends only! We are still having the ceremony with the whole petal throw thing, and the usual reception with cake cutting and garter/bouquet toss, just at a very toned down, intimate setting. The place we having our wedding at is also situated privately on a big plot, so its nowhere near the busy centre of town. Also, more care has been taken with hygiene, for example everyone will need to sanitize their hands on entry of the plot as well as sanitizer being placed on our table.

We did confirm with our family and friends if they would still be attending (and although some friends pulled out, for a valid reason) everyone else was still happy to attend after knowing how intimate the wedding is going to be. That is how we came to our final decision, amongst other reasons like our family that would not be able to take leave again later in the year for us to share our special day with (and family is very important to me).

I am a paranoid person in general, so this whole story is also scary to me, even though we have not yet had a case in Eastern Cape. And To be honest, it does not even feel like I am getting married in a week because of all that is going on… but after taking a deep breath, looking at the finer details of who and what our wedding consists of, we will enjoy our big day… privately… intimately with family and close friends… away from the rest of the public!

P.S To all the people who are so concerned, well I want to ask you, are you still going to work??? Yes the schools are closed… however you are still going to work (unless you are one of the lucky ones who get to work from home, or unlucky that your work is closed) but there are still many businesses operating and you are exposed to how many different people a day which you have no idea who they have been in contact with or where they have been. Also you still need to buy food and be in a shop… in public… So to all the judgmental persons out there, rather look at your own situations (work environments INCLUDED!) before pointing fingers at others!!

Okay cool that’s all I have to say… rant over. But seriously people take care, look after yourself and always be aware of your surroundings and situations… because we definitely are!

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