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My Breastfeeding journey

Ever since I can remember, when thinking about being a mom for the first time, one goal I had was that I would love to breastfeed my baby for as long as I could (well at least the recommended 2 years). My Gran could not breastfeed my mom and my mom could not breastfeed me and here I was thinking well, I guess I wont be able to iether.

The day I found out I was pregnant, I was paranoid over every little detail, from stopping my weight training because of fear of causing problems and making sure I did all the necessary research to stay away from the foods which were “toxic” to my baby. So obviously preparing myself with everything else, I prepared my mind and body to breastfeed as it was something I really wanted to do. I stopped eating all sour foods (and I could drink vinegar out of the bottle) in fear that it would make my milk go sour haha yes I was that paranoid!

Fast forward, and my worst birthing fear came to life. I had to get an emergency c-section, meaning that my baby was not going to be put directly on me for skin to skin and instead, had to be away from me for more than an hour until I regained feeling. I had done research that your milk might not come in or your baby will reject your breast if not put by you immediately (yes, like I said paranoid!).

Well eventually, after getting to my room, they brought my sweet little baby to me and he took to the breast like a champ and I was so thankful and full of joy. Also, even after not having him near me right away, my milk overflowed, even the nurses were impressed at how well he latched and was drinking.

When Jayce turned 2 this year, I just knew it was now time to stop. He was only drinking at night, but for a very short while. He was suckling more for comfort than anything else, so we began the weaning process. Around 2 weeks after his 2nd birthday he was completely weaned (I mean he still has to cuddle mom to sleep), and the process was much easier than expected, which just means he was definately ready.

I had mixed emotions about weaning. I mean I wanted to stop it and I was lucky enough to not have a single problem relating to my breastfeeding journey, like I felt I was ending it too soon (I even breastfed one extra day just to capture the last breastfeeding moment with Jayce). However, another feeling was that I just knew it was time, as he could go days without it already, and I also wanted my body back completely for myself (and no I don’t think that is selfish of me as I commited for the whole 2 recommended years of watching what I put into my body to give the best for my baby boy!).

But that was my journey in a nutshell and I’m super darn proud about it! One of my mommy dreams fulfilled.

P.s I know not all mothers can breastfeed by choice, and this post is in no way offending bottle feeding (my best friend couldn’t continue breastfeeding, so!). This is just a very proud moment for me and I just want to share my little win, everyone has their own mommy-win and this is one of mine.

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