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Steri Stumpie Plus Protein GIVEAWAY|perfect post-exercise snack

Steri Stumpie has always been my go-to milkshake and is actually South Africa’s number one brand. I have had a few Steri Stumpie moments throughout different phases of my life, I would buy one every single day at university (I’m not even kidding, I could not go a day without one!). I then started my weight-loss journey and had to cut down, so I was super pleased when they brought out their Lite versions and I could happily enjoy a Steri Stumpie without the added sugar. Then when I was pregnant with Jayce, one of my biggest cravings was Bubblegum Steri Stumpie (there’s even proof of this in the hospital photos, yes I was even craving it during labour). So you can just imagine my excitement when they announced their new range, the Steri Stumpie PLUS PROTEIN because now I can enjoy it even more as a perfect post-exercise snack with my fitness journey. I literally was not joking that Steri Stumpie has played a role in different phases of my life.

But what makes it a perfect post-exercise snack?

Steri Stumpie Plus Protein comes in a 250ml bottle which is a slightly smaller serving as the original, at 350ml. However, the protein is almost double the amount per serving. This makes it really convenient to quickly grab one, open and drink straight after (or even before) your workout to get the quickest post-exercise recovery. Also, it’s a great yummy snack if you need to boost your protein intake for the day.

Why is protein essential straight after exercise?

Well here’s the thing, it’s not only protein that is needed post workout but carbohydrates as well. When working out, your muscles go under a lot of strain and their fibres start to break down, they also use up all their glycogen stores. After your workout, your body tries to restore, repair and regrow those muscle fibres, this process is called muscle protein synthesis. By getting in the right nutrients, particularly protein and carbs it makes this process slightly faster.

– Protein helps repair and build the muscle.

– Carbs help with recovery, restoring glycogen stores.

Steri Stumpie offers both the higher protein as well as carbs in a smaller serving with their PLUS PROTEIN range. WIN-WIN?? Yes, I think so, that is why Steri Stumpie has always been my go-to, they are continually providing for every person’s needs (they even have a plus thick range for those who like a thicker consistency).

GIVEAWAY Competition

This is why I’m super excited to announce that in collaboration with Steri stumpie I am giving away a PLUS PROTEIN hamper. The Giveaway is to thank all my followers and subscribers for their support, and what better way to do that but by sharing my favourite brands with you all.

Giveaway Hamper

The competition will run both on Instagram and Facebook (if you want a greater chance of winning, enter on both platforms). To enter follow the rules on the posts linked below:

Competition is open to South Africans only and closes the 22nd August 2019. Winner will be notified via Facebook or Instagram.

Let me know below, what your favourite Steri Stumpie flavour and range is??

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  1. Pelina says:

    Can I drink steri stumpie while pregnant

    1. Jasmine de Almeida says:

      Definitely, I lived on steri stumpie’s when I was pregnant. If you more concerned about the protein version, yes its completely fine it just has more protein than the normal one.

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