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So Eleanor Douglas-Meyers from JustEllaBella tagged me in a post on Instagram a few days ago on #10things and I’ve been thinking of what I can share with you guys… turns out that I have quite a lot to share, so this landed up being a blog post as it was too long for Instagram. Now many of you may already know some of these things I’m about to share but a lot of my new #bloggerbuddies and #followers don’t… So here it goes:

1. My personality

I’m a Taurus. So I tend to be very stubborn. I also bottle my emotions, however, when things get bottled up for too long, I explode and become extremely emotional about things. I am somewhat of a ‘control freak’ over certain things, when I do something I put 100% effort in – if I feel like you didn’t do something the right way, I will redo it #sorrynotsorry. I don’t accept people into my life easily, and I would much rather have two loyal friends than 100 fake ones.

2. Work life

My first ever job was a teller at Spar, so I have huge respect for these ladies and gents as I was in their seats, you can get really rude, unreasonable people. After that, I was a waitress for a few years until just before I fell pregnant with Jayce. I’ve been working in an office behind a desk since. I sometimes actually feel like returning to being a waitress due to the flexibility of shifts and let’s not get started on the potential for earning great tips.

3. My interests

I’m a creative being. I love all things music, dance, drama, cultural, arts, crafts… You get the picture right?? If anyone wants to create a mini-musical, please let me be one of the first to know.

4. Trying to bring one of my passions to life

…which brings me to No.4 – I started a YouTube Channel to carry on my passion for singing (Music was actually one of my subjects in school, with singing being my main ‘instrument’). I sing covers recorded with just my phones video camera (as I don’t have all the equipment, that shizz is expensive), it’s for fun and I don’t care what people think, life is too short – you can find it if you search Jasmine De Almeida on YouTube. There aren’t too many covers up yet, as I do it in my spare time when I can.

5. My childhood sport

I have a brown belt in karate which I did from around grade 1 and ended in matric due to focusing on my studies. It was constantly pushed into my head for karate to be my main focus and that it will help me someday. I don’t regret the achievements I received from karate such as my South African colours but I would have much preferred to have dancing be my main thing, which I never got the chance to do. #ifihadachoice

6. An awesome experience

However, due to karate world championships, I got to visit Belgium where I got knocked out of the competition due to my damn nose that wouldn’t stop bleeding… Yea I got a pop on my nose, it was my first (and only) ever nose shot and was somehow, in the midst of it all a #proudmoment for me.

7. The confusion with my surname

I have also been to Germany for a 2-month vacation. My father had to be there for work for 5 months and flew me and my mom over for the last 2 months. We had just moved to Port Elizabeth so when we returned I started a new school. My dad is Portuguese so I have a Portuguese surname (obviously) and having just returned from Europe, my classmates were under the impression I was a foreigner moving to Port Elizabeth from Europe (my surname didn’t make it easier to understand). Long story short, some had learnt Spanish (not Portuguese) and started speaking to me in this language. My father never taught me Portuguese, I grew up English as my mom grew up in an Afrikaans household (my family would always refer to me as a #PoraBoer). You can just imagine my classmate’s disgust and disappointment when they learnt the truth.

8. Childhood “nightmares”

Do any of you remember those wooden square stools with the hole in the middle? I would watch my parents carry the stool by using the hole. Now, me wanting to do the same (#monkeyseemonkeydo), and not being much taller than the stool, decided to give it a try and carry it that way, it was solid wood and was too heavy for me, it dropped and landed with all its weight on my big toe. My mom took me to the doctor but there was no saving my toenail and the whole thing got pulled off (my toe is completely fine today if you were wondering). Then in another completely different incident, we were in Cape Town for a karate tournament. One of the evenings we had supper at the Spur, I needed the bathroom and wanted to go by myself (I think I was around 6 and wanted to be a #biggirl). I had gotten stuck in the toilet cubicle because the lock was put on in reverse, apparently, it was the waitrons cubicle and that’s why it was different to the rest, might I add there were no signs saying this. Still to this day, I check the locks before I close the cubicle door.

9. Who am I really

I can be a #girlygirl, Playing around with make-up, dressing up and watching the soppiest chick flicks or a #tomboy, playing soccer with the guys, enjoying first-person shooter games and getting my hands dirty. I’m also a nerd at heart and LOVE Harry Potter (I could do with a marathon run actually) and find things like Greek Mythology interesting. What can I say? I don’t actually fit into some specific clique because my likes and interests are so diverse.

10. My love story

So I left this one last because it’s one of the facts that is close to my heart. I was in a toxic relationship for just under 3 years. I did not realise at the time that it was toxic and I was obviously blinded. I moved cities for this guy only for him to land up harming me emotionally. However, I don’t regret moving, as that is where I met the love of my life, Steven, whom I have a beautiful 2-year-old son with and am engaged to be married to in 8 months time.

So there you go, 10 facts about me. I hope that you got to know a little bit more about me and if you have any questions on some things or would like to know anything else please don’t hesitate to comment below or on my Instagram post.

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