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Do we really know what’s in our children’s products?

So to be quite honest with you, when I go shopping for my son, I don’t check the ingredients in his bath or skincare products. It is made and marketed specifically for children, so I always presumed that it is safe and gentle for their skin. But do we really know what’s in our children’s products? When I started reading the ingredient list of the products I was purchasing, I didn’t even know half of what was listed.

This specific topic was brought to my attention when I bought a bubble bath for my son (made and marketed for kids) that I used to use when I was a child. I posted it to my blog Facebook page (like I do with everything) and a fellow mom commented that said brand adds “horrible TBHQ (BHT)”. I had no idea what that even was, so I did some digging into it.

Turns out that this specific chemical is not only in bath or skin care products, but it’s in our food! It’s an additive that extends shelf life and prevents rancidity. This additive has been linked to numerous health problems (and they use animals for testing). It is also stated that those who struggle with their behaviour such as ADHD should avoid it completely.

Now you might be thinking well it should be okay in a bubble bath because you not ingesting it? Wrong, anything that gets in contact with your skin gets absorbed into your skin and hence into your body. Even though your skin might only be absorbing a small amount, that small amount over a prolonged period can cause these potential health problems.

Where did I get my information?

If you would like to do some more reading of your own into this additive please follow the links below (which is where I got my information):

okay, the last one I promise, but this article is based on children’s health specifically and showcases other chemicals you should be avoiding.

Please be more aware of what is in your children’s products and food (and yours for that matter). If you can’t cut these products out completely, at least try to limit its use substantially.

Just a disclaimer, I am not linked with any of these articles in any way, I am purely just sharing awareness of the harms certain ingredients (chemicals) can have on our children.

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