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New Nescafe Ricoffy cappuccino flavours |Part 2

So I absolutely love trying new things especially when it comes to food/drink. So when I found out about these new Nescafe Ricoffy cappuccino flavours that one wouldn’t think of when having a cappuccino, I just had to give it a try. Please find part 1 here.

Please note my review is based on making the cappuccinos with one-third hot water and two thirds hot milk (taste may vary if made otherwise).

Caramel Popcorn Flavour

So the caramel popcorn definitely came through with the aroma alone, smelt like warm caramel popcorn. I myself am not a lover of caramel popcorn, however, can eat plain butter popcorn everyday. So after taking in that lovely aroma I thought that this might be a winner…but not for me (and this is purely my opinion) I would just not choose it again. To me it tasted like burnt caramel, I did not even get a slight hint of popcorn (but I would never pair popcorn in coffee anyway, what a weird combo). Overall, it’s not bad and I would drink it, I just would not choose it.

African Marula Flavour

Now, this flavour was one that I could not wait to try! Everyone knows what the African Marula fruit is best known for… Amarula!!! And I just love Amarula in anything really, in plain milk or as a milkshake (more known as a Dom Pedro), poured over ice cream and… in coffee. So, please note that it was made with 2 thirds milk and 1 third water and wowee was I impressed. It tasted legit like an Amarula coffee, except there’s no alcohol in it. This is definitely going to be my go-to cappuccino, and will probably always keep a box on hand.

Which one I like the most?

I guess it’s clear to say African Marula is the winner here! And not much more to say on the matter, in fact, it is the overall winner out of all 4 (please see part 1).

Have you tried them yet? Which was your favourite?

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