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New Nescafe Ricoffy cappuccino flavors Review |Part 1

So I absolutely love trying new things especially when it comes to food/drink. So when I found out about these new Nescafe Ricoffy cappuccino flavors that one wouldn’t think of when having a cappuccino, I just had to give it a try. Please find part 2 here.

Please note my review is based on making the cappuccinos with one-third hot water and two thirds hot milk (taste may vary is made otherwise).

Biscuit flavor

So I had my doubts about this flavor because all I could think of before trying it was that taste that gets left in your coffee after dunking some biscuits in it and being left with soggy biscuit crumbs at the bottom of your cup? Anyone else hate that? I hate it so much to the point that I don’t even dunk biscuits let alone rusks into my coffee.

But I tried it anyhow and I must say not a bad flavor at all. At first, I couldn’t quite grasp the taste, but it definitely reminded me of a specific biscuit flavor. Plain vanilla biscuit? No that wasn’t it… Cappuccino biscuit!! DUH (facepalm) of course they would flavor the cappuccino with a cappuccino biscuit! The overall flavor was really good, you could even taste that “baked golden brown” flavor (if you know what I mean).

Milk tart flavor

This was the flavor I was most excited to try out the two because I love love love milk tart, it’s one of my favorite puddings. I was, however, slightly disappointed.

I did not really get that “milk tart” taste in the cappuccino. There is that slight hint of cinnamon but besides that not much else. I concluded that to be because, well milk tart is made from milk and I made the cappuccino with two-thirds milk (like I do with all my cappuccinos). So all my cappuccinos have that creamy milky taste, so I guess that is why I did not really find it much different besides that little hint of cinnamon.

Which one I like the most?

Well, I think it is clear that my favorite out the two would be the biscuit flavor. My review is based on how close the taste comes to the name of the flavor. And in my opinion, the biscuit flavor is more obvious than the milk tart flavor, and bonus that it actually tastes great. So whenever I feel like a biscuit with my coffee, I know how to curve that craving with one cappuccino.

Have you tried these flavors? What was your favorite and why?

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