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Kid-friendly science activity

This activity was inspired by @busytoddler on Instagram, she also has a website full of other fun activities for kiddies to do. I had to give this kid-friendly science activity a go with Jayce and he absolutely loved it, however, it only lasted for two rounds (his attention span is very short).

This is what we did:

I took a muffin tin filled each opening with a different colour of food colouring (I used gel food colouring) and covered it with Bicarb of soda (as per Busytoddler’s instructions). I then filled a spray bottle with half vinegar, half water, thinking this would be easier for my son to use. He couldn’t grip the bottle and squeeze it well enough, so I just took the lid off (as I did not have another bottle available) and I just helped him.

As you can see from the picture he was in awe of what was happening and he loved the little science experiment. However, Busytoddler suggests emptying the water out of the muffin tin and refilling the bottle and going on for a couple of rounds until the baking soda has completely dissapeared. But Jayce lasted only two rounds and he wanted to go do something else (I’ve seen this twice now mamma, whats next?!?)

I love trying new things with my son and watching his reaction. Have you tried this experiment with your kids yet? Also if you haven’t already checked out Busytoddler, she has a website as well, go check her out.

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