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The mum-tum “Pooch”

So it took me a while to actually share this with you all because, for me, it’s such a personal topic. We have all heard the phrase “mum-tum” or “baby pooch”, well guys that is exactly what I’m currently dealing with.

Now before some of you spread some comments like ‘you should be proud of that tummy, you grew a baby’ or ‘some woman would kill to be able to have a baby pooch’ or ‘so what if you have that tummy, you are now a mom’. Yes, I am now a mom! does that mean I should now feel uncomfortable in my skin for the rest of my life?!? …because that’s exactly how I feel.

I am grateful and blessed that my body could handle growing a human being, but that being said, having that extra bit of “hanging” tummy and extra skin makes wearing clothes not only uncomfortable but as well as makes me self-conscious about my body in general (something I’ve struggled with my whole life). However, I am now finding out that losing weight and getting to my pre-baby body is more difficult than ever.

I’ve tried different eating plans and workout programs with very minimal results only to bounce back to where I started. So instead of researching new programs, I decided to research reasons why I may not be getting the results I want, I came across two things that I want to take a deeper look into, Eating for my body type and to check if I may have Diastasis Recti. (I will create a different post for each of these topics)

I am learning to love my body more and more each day and I have come to terms with my stretch marks, but all I want to do is feel comfortable in my clothes and gain a bit more confidence. This does not mean I am selfish or that I don’t love my son. I am just a mama that wants to feel good about herself. My son is my everything, and I would never change that for anything in the whole world! Just to be 100% clear here, if it really had to come down to a final decision I would choose my son over getting rid of the mum-tum, but lets face it, us mamas can do something to make us feel good again after having our baby/ies even if it takes us a while to find it. Who’s with me?

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